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Masoud Mokhtari

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Hi! I'm a second-year Electrical Engineering MSc student at the University of British Columbia co-supervised by Dr. Purang Abolmaesumi and Dr. Renjie Liao. My medium-term goal is to become a deep learning expert who can detect pitfalls and propose realize-able solutions. My long-term goal is to shorten the gap between human cognition and machine learning models by addressing the limitations of the latter while taking inspirations from the former. My current focus is on graph neural networks and deep learning with structures applied to medical problems. Check out my latest publication here. I have interned at Intel Corporation and TRIUMF where I developed firmware and hardware code. My latest industry experience was as an Applied Scientist intern at Amazon where I worked on style transfer models using generative adversarial networks. I am looking forward to expanding my professional network, so feel free to reach out to me through LinkedIn or email

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